Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fox Valley business leaders team up to tackle obesity problem

Bright and early Friday morning, you could see some of the Fox Valley's community leaders, a bit out of context. Local business leaders joined forces to get sweaty for a good cause. Dr. Thomas Zoch said the early morning workout was inspiring.

Zoch, Chief Medical Officer at Ministry Health Care said, "This was wonderful, it was very energizing. It's very motivating to see others working out, seemingly having a lot of fun. This was unique and frankly exciting."

Zoch represented just one of the dozens of local organizations that had participants in the workout. It's all part of the Weight of the Fox Valley's campaign to bring attention to corporate wellness programs.

Aaron Hunnel, a local wellness professional, said, "Workplace wellness is such a great business investment because it empowers employees to bring their best selves to work each day."

Wellness experts say while corporate efforts to promote wellness don't have to be huge, they do make a big impact.

Hunnel said, "It could be promoting walking trails at work. It could be allowing people flex time to go to the gym or exercise."

Jeff Curtin with the Kimberly Clark Corporation said, "I believe that more engaged, more loyal employees are going to be more productive and more energetic, and more enthusiastic about their job."

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