Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obesity Can Still Shorten Life After Weight Loss – Study

Obesity is marked as a condition in which a person is gaining excessive body fat that leads to a point where negative effects in the body are evident. A recent study shows that obesity can still shorten a person's life after he or she loses weight.

A team of researchers from Boston University School of Public Health and University of Pennsylvania conducted the study. The researchers started the research by analyzing the data of over 6,000 Americans and found out that the mortality rate of those who lost weight after being obese is remarkably high.

The results showed that those people who were always under the normal weight was registered with a mortality rate of 6.25 per 1,000, while those who are formerly overweight garnered a rate of 10.81 per 1,000. But as for those who are formerly obese, they have recorded a massive 14.62 mortality rate.

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